Exploring April's Birthstone and Diamond Alternatives

April babies are fortunate to have the diamond as their birthstone, symbolizing strength, clarity, and eternal love.  However, not everyone is drawn to diamonds or sometimes we’re not looking to drop engagement ring money on a new jewelry piece.  But you may still want that larger center stone that has the neutral look and wearability of a diamond.  So here are some of our top picks on alternatives to diamonds for the center stone in your next piece of jewelry.    By the way we’re purposely leaving out simulants and lab grown’s because it’s not our thing.  These options below are about other natural stones that have characteristics that are beautiful in their own way.   We wouldn’t try to use these as a dupe for a diamond as honestly nothing will compare but the real thing but if you want a colorless large stone these are the options we would wear.


White Sapphire

Often mistaken for diamonds due to their similar appearance, white sapphires are a durable and beautiful choice. They offer exceptional brilliance and are 2nd in hardness to diamonds, making them suitable for everyday wear.   White sapphires differ in their appearance to diamonds by giving off a more silvery sparkle vs the rainbow sparkle that diamonds have.   They are definitely more budget friendly than a diamond but can still be higher in price than the other options below.


White Topaz

White topaz is an affordable and elegant alternative to diamonds for the colorless stone look.  While not as hard as sapphires, it is still a durable gemstone and ok for everyday wear.  I wouldn’t swap this for an engagement ring stone as those get so much more wear and tear but for necklaces or earrings it’s a great option.  White topaz has a beautiful sparkle and comes in a variety of shapes and is easier to find in larger sizes.    White topaz however can be a bit see through and how see through depends on the cut but if that doesn’t bother you this is a fun option for a larger cocktail piece.   


Grand Revival Necklace in White Topaz


White Zircon

White zircon is a natural gemstone with a brilliant sparkle.  Not to be confused with cubic zirconia.  This is not that cheap synthetic that you see in the mall.  If only they would change the name of this stone – it could definitely use a PR makeover.  Zircon might be the closest natural stone to diamond as it has a nice brilliance, dispersion and high refractive index but if you saw a zircon next to a diamond you would still be able to see the difference.  However, zircon in white or other colors (this stone actually comes in a wide array of colors) is a beautiful gemstone in it’s own right and makes for beautiful jewelry. 


Faceted Moonstone

With its ethereal glow and captivating play of light, faceted moonstone is a unique alternative to diamonds for a white color stone.  While not as hard as diamonds, moonstone's mesmerizing adularescence sets it apart.  This is not a totally colorless stone.  Adularescence is the rainbow or blue sheen that you see when you move a moonstone around.  This characteristic makes it difficult to fake.  Usually we find moonstone in cabochon cuts instead of faceted to see more of that adularescence but in a faceted look it gives the rainbow sheen an extra sparkle that is totally unique.   This is one of my favorites as a neutral center gemstone that you can wear with everything.


More Diamonds

There is one more option for that big diamond look without the actual big diamond and that is lots of little diamonds!  I am not a fan of faking out the look of a larger diamond with smaller ones in an invisible setting but I do love when designs use small diamonds to create a distinct look in their own way.  Sometimes geometric placement of smaller baguettes or princess cuts can lend a very original style to a ring or pendant while still offering lots of sparkle and durability. 


Whatever you choose there are beautiful options for larger clear gemstones or April birthstone alternatives.  Consider some of these options when selecting your next piece of jewelry, and enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of these non-mainstream gemstones. 

If you see something from our shop that you love but want one of these gemstones instead we can customize our pieces for you.  Just send us a message and let us know what you’re looking for!