Our goal is to make women feel beautiful and confident. Whether it's a ParkFord earring paired with a simple t-shirt and jeans, or a statement necklace with a cocktail dress, each piece is designed to elevate your style, making you feel refined and ready to conquer the day.

ParkFord's jewelry is not just an accessory, but a celebration of individuality and a statement of personal style. It's the perfect companion for women who are not just wearing beautiful pieces, but are making their mark on the world.


The allure of fine jewelry was imprinted on Jeanette during her childhood as she visited gem shows with her parents and sifted through ring waxes in her father's jewelry workshop. After leaving her corporate job in product development, Jeanette reignited her love for jewelry and pursued her creative calling in jewelry design.  She dedicated herself to understanding every facet of jewelry making, from CAD design to casting and benchwork with the aim of enhancing her skills as a designer. As a result, ParkFord naturally emerged as a manifestation of Jeanette's childhood passion and professional expertise. Inspired by her mother's classic style, ParkFord creates refined and timeless jewelry for the modern woman.


Quality is at the core of every ParkFord creation. Each piece is crafted by skilled goldsmiths, with stones measured to the 1/10th of a millimeter and carefully selected for their color consistency.  Every piece is inspected carefully before it leaves the studio, ensuring it meets the exacting standards of the brand.  This meticulous handcrafting process takes place in Chicago, imbuing each piece with a local authenticity and integrity.


ParkFord is synonymous with effortless luxury, a blend of modern yet classic aesthetics and a little bit of edge.  Drawing inspiration from architecture and energetic cities, ParkFord's collections echo the ornate décor of historic buildings reimagined for the contemporary era.  The brand distinguishes itself with its balancing of casual stones like cabochons with luxurious diamonds or sapphires, creating an everyday luxury aesthetic.