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Sapphires: What Are They Anyway?

Sapphires are beautiful and regal, and their color range make them a versatile gem. Blue sapphires in particular, are not only known as the birthstone for September, but also as the traditional gift for 25th and 40th wedding anniversaries. The deep blue gemstone symbolizes love, truth and loyalty, making it an excellent choice for gifts. They can be worn in many settings and appropriate for all occasions and moods. 
blue sapphire and diamond revival  ring

One of the most precious stones in the world, sapphires have been a symbol of power and wealth for centuries. In Britain, they were associated with royalty – British Kings and Queens often had a blue sapphire as part of their crown jewels.

Historically, sapphires were believed to be able to protect against witchcraft and evil spirits. Today, however, they are also used as symbols of love, loyalty and friendship. They are believed to be a gem that will bring peace, wisdom and contentment to whoever wears it. I guess if you’re protected against witchcraft and evil spirits you’re bound to find peace and contentment!

The stone is a variety of the mineral corundum, which is one of the hardest minerals in existence right after diamonds. It’s formed where rising molten rock comes in contact with the Earth’s crust, the slower the rock cools, the larger the sapphires will be (not to geek out, but that’s pretty cool!). After working its way from the earth’s mantle, it’s no wonder it’s durable enough to wear every day! 

Revival Rainbow Ring

Sapphires are beautiful stones that come in a variety of colors. The most common colors are blue, green, and pink. However, other colors like yellow, gray, purple, orange and red can also be found. The color of a sapphire is dependent on the type of minerals present in the stone when it forms. Though most sapphires are mined outside the United States, we do have a little state called Montana that produces a large quantity of stones.

Did you know that rubies and sapphires are different varieties of the same mineral? But while there are many shades of sapphire, there are only red rubies. Rubies belong to a category of their own because they are much rarer than sapphires of any color (just a little ruby trivia for ya…).

I love Sapphires because they come in so many colors and are so versatile. They're beautiful, fit in perfectly with any kind of jewelry, and they go with everything!