Valentine's Day Jewelry Gift Guide

Welcome to Parkford's 2024 guide to the perfect jewelry Valentine's Day gifts for her!  This year, ditch the heart and roses motifs and go for something just as romantic but not so in-your-face Valentine’s themed so she can wear it year-round.  Sometimes the thoughtfulness and time put into selecting a gift can go a long way so make it personal and think about what she really wants (not what you want for her).  Of course, other than for you to do all the chores and surprise her with a gourmet 5-course meal while also doing all the dishes after – the other option might be some gorgeous fine jewelry that will last a lifetime and can even be passed on for future generations.   

Or perhaps you’re shopping for yourself or your bestie!  Either way, we got you covered with some options that say I love you without literally saying I love you!

Personalized Gifts:

That extra special touch and thoughtfulness is right here with our personalized jewelry.  The idea that you even ordered this early enough to have it customized just for her puts that extra cherry on top.  From custom name necklaces or birthstone pieces, each item is designed to tell a personal story.

Palace Intentions Charm

This charm can be customized with a word or name or even a special date of up to 9 characters.  Not sure what to put on there?  We think “Always” for Always in My Heart is a beautiful way to express your never ending love. 

Revival Teardrop Birthstone Necklace

If name charms are not her thing, birthstones are the next best option.  It is a beautiful and subtle way to offer something personalized while staying super classic.  This is a necklace she’ll never take off.  Perfect for a new mom or a fiancée.  Get this classic necklace in the birthstone of your choosing.


Pink Gifts:

Ok, so we ditched hearts and roses.  But I am still going to offer up some pink options here because pink is a color that yes is everywhere on Valentine’s but it’s also a color you can wear year-round if you’re a pink girl.  Plus these pink options aren’t your basic options!

Lotus charm

The Lotus symbolizes resilience, purity, and strength.  This is a beautiful piece that features 3 pink pear-cut tourmalines.  It’s a charm that she can wear to remember her inner strength and your thoughtfulness as well. 

Dream Necklace

A dreamy necklace indeed featuring pink opal and a special cut sapphire baguettes.  This is a necklace she can wear dressed up or down and if she’s a layering maven this piece will look amazing in her lineup.  


Classic Diamond Jewelry:

Yes, diamonds are a girl's best friend!  For timeless elegance, look no further than our classic diamond collection. From stunning stud earrings to elegant tennis bracelets, each piece is crafted to stand the test of time, symbolizing your enduring love and commitment.

Petite Diamond Necklace

Although this also comes in birthstones it’s also stunning as a solitaire diamond necklace.  It’s a necklace that I own and wear all the time.  This is the gift if you’re not sure what to get because it’s easy to wear with everything, it’s modern and still classic at the same time.

Princess Stack Ring

A 3-stone ring that symbolizes the past present and future.  It doesn’t hurt that it’s sleek and streamlined with just the right amount of diamond sparkle to show off on your hand.  If you’re anniversary falls around Valentine’s this might be the perfect 2 in 1 gift.  Or just the perfect romantic gesture from a loving husband. 

Galentine’s and Self Gifts

What do I want to get myself this Valentine’s?  Or what should I get my bestie who deserves a really nice Valentine’s gift this year?  

Here our top picks for self-gifts and also some fun pieces we think your bestie might love too!

Mini Frames Necklace

This necklace comes in sapphire, diamond, or emerald.  It’s a petite piece but not so petite that it can’t stand on its own.  It’s also that perfect mix-it-up layer in your neck mess that you might have been missing.  

Mini Dreams Studs


These gorgeous studs are just beautiful.  With a pink opal center and sparkling sapphire baguettes, they definitely say I love myself enough to buy these 

If you still can’t decide after this - there is always the gift of custom.  Custom is the ultimate gift because you’re letting her be the creator of her dream piece.   But whether it’s a custom piece or one of these beauties above this Valentine's Day we hope you get to celebrate with your special someone in a memorable way.  And no matter the gifts remember how lucky we are to have these loved ones in our lives.  And of course, don’t forget to give some love to yourself too because you deserve it! 

Happy Valentine’s Day!