Winter Wardrobe Colors: A Guide to Winter Clothing Hues and Jewelry Pairings


As the winter chill sets in, it's time to revamp your wardrobe with a palette that not only keeps you warm but still shows off your style. As winter approaches and nature's colors fade with fallen leaves and snow-covered landscapes, it's a great opportunity to add vibrant colors to your wardrobe. While black and grey are timeless winter essentials that will always have a place in your closet, this guide focuses on embracing colorful attire and the jewelry that best compliments these lively hues.

Cobalt Blue

Winter is often associated with darker, muted tones, but that doesn't mean you have to abandon bold and vibrant colors. Cobalt blue, with its rich and deep undertones, is an easy winter styling choice. This regal hue is a universally flattering color, and it can add a touch of sophistication to your winter wardrobe. Pair a cobalt blue sweater or coat with silver or gold jewelry to add a beautiful metallic contrast to your look. Or go for a chic monotone style by pairing your cobalt top with lapis lazuli pieces like our Palace Lapis Bead Bracelet or the Palace Lapis Drops


Palace Bead Bracelet Lapis  Palace lapis drops

Fuchsia Pink

Break away from the traditional winter color palette by introducing a pop of cool fuchsia pink. This lively and energetic hue brings warmth and cheer to the colder months. Pair a fuchsia pink dress or sweater with tiger's eye pieces, bright rainbow jewelry, or hot pink sapphires to create a fun and feminine ensemble. Consider delicate pieces like our Mini Frame Necklace or our Palace Teardrop Hoop Earrings to add a touch of glamour without overpowering the vibrant pink.


Chocolate Brown

For a classic and timeless winter look, dark chocolate or espresso brown is the way to go. This deep brown hue is comforting, but it also projects elegance and versatility. Pair your chocolate brown coat or knitwear with polished gold jewelry to complement the richness of the color. Opt for gold huggies, a chunky bracelet, or a bold all gold ring to add a touch of glamour. The combination of chocolate brown and gold creates a sophisticated and polished aesthetic, perfect for any winter occasion. Our jewelry picks to match with chocolate brown outfits include the Revival Gold Huggies, the Revival Stack Ring, and our Infinite Revival Gold Bracelet.


Soft Pink

Soft pink, with its delicate and romantic undertones, brings a sense of whimsy to the winter wardrobe. This color is versatile and can be incorporated into both casual and formal looks. Pair a soft pink blouse or sweater with lighter pastel pink gems like pink opal, light pink tourmaline, or rose de France. This color can enhance the varied hues in white opal, or you could choose to create a striking contrast by pairing it with turquoise pieces. Our Palace Lotus Charm or our Mini Dream Rays studs would be a nice feminine touch for this color styling. 


The forever staple of a cozy winter look is a neutral cream tone. This versatile color serves as an excellent base for layering and accessorizing. But it also looks gorgeous as a monotone winter outfit. The off-white color, being less intense than stark white, offers a warm and sophisticated appearance. Pair a cream-colored coat or sweater with intricate gold jewelry to add depth and interest to your ensemble. This color pairs nicely with a variety of gemstones. For a playful contrast, consider options like tiger's eye, dark teal apatite, and aquamarines. Alternatively, for a more understated look, moonstones and diamonds are excellent choices. Some of our favorite pieces for this look include the Palace Gate Charm, the Grand Revival Necklace Moonstone, and our Midi Revival Studs in Diamond.  

Gate Charm

As winter unfolds with its frosty embrace, don't shy away from injecting a burst of color into your wardrobe. Cobalt blue, fuchsia pink, chocolate brown, soft pink, and cream are versatile choices that can be effortlessly incorporated into your winter fashion for women. Enhance these winter colors with carefully selected jewelry pieces, creating a balanced and stylish ensemble that will keep you both warm and on-trend throughout the season.


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