Your Jewelry Style is Classic Chic


    You appreciate the finer things in life and enjoy jewelry that exemplifies luxury without being flashy or in your face labels. Your jewelry style is all about a refined classic look that focuses on quality and craftsmanship.  You have an eye for what’s well made and it shows through what you wear.

    Jewelry that says understated elegance is right on par with your signature style. Heavyweight all-gold pieces, streamlined shapes with a pop of color, and simple diamond jewelry pieces all mix well in your collection.

    Here are our top jewelry picks for you:

    A Note from the Designer

    Hi! I’m Jeanette, the owner and designer of ParkFord.  I believe that jewelry is not just an accessory but a celebration of your individuality and a statement of your personal style. Putting on that pair of beautiful earrings is like the icing on the cake that can elevate your look and mood giving you the confidence to go out and conquer your day.

    Our pieces are designed to be worn everyday and not just saved for special occasions. I love creating a casual luxury look that can be dressed up or down.  Not only is the design important but quality and craftsmanship are also at the core of our brand.  Every gemstone is carefully selected and each piece is made with individual attention and care.